The Story Behind Abi-LinMax

It's the story behind the entrepreneur that makes the enterprise so fascinating.


Pioneering Prosperity For Posterities

Abi-LinMax Asset Management stands as an embodiment of the extraordinary, a testament to the transformative power of purpose, determination, and an unconventional journey. Our story transcends the ordinary, unveiling a vision that goes far beyond buildings – it’s about elevating and maximizing people, purpose, properties, & profits, creating a tapestry of success that transcends mere real estate investing and asset management, it’s a beacon that emboldens prosperity for posterities. 

The Road Less Traveled to Success

Abi-LinMax is not just another player in the marketplace; we are not competitors with our fellows and fellow-etts in the industry. We are the architects of distinction, champions of selectivity. Called, created and established to do beautiful things for people’s lives through a medium known as small business. Simply put, we are here to fulfill The Grantor’s vision for our lives in the real estate profession.  

We are committed to always be on the winning side.

Our mission is clear: to elevate the potential of people, purpose, properties, and profits; therefore, maximizing holistic returns on investment.

It’s not about the size of our investment real estate portfolio; it’s about the size of our shared vision for a better future for America – a vision that opens up more opportunities for those of us who are told no over and over again by a very America that slams doors in our faces. The same America we dream that can be better, do better and become better unto a place of prosperity for posterities, making an undeniable impact in potential leaders and CEO’s across the nation.

From Aspiring Actress to Real Estate Entrepreneur, Big Vision Maven

The Abi-LinMax journey commenced on the picturesque streets of San Bernardino, California, where our founder’s story took an unconventional journey.

Abike, driven to become an actress, found herself in an unexpected encounter that would forever change the course of her life. A chance meeting with a women led to the introduction of a professional on set at Paramount Studios, an invitation that would immerse her in the world of filmmaking.

Finding herself on set with the meticulous talented film director, David Finch during the shooting of “The Panic Room,” starring Jodie foster she discovered a world of hard work and a whole host of talented, skilled individuals making it all happen, turning make believe into reality. Professional teams orchestrated seamlessly together in collaboration to transform ideas into cinematic masterpieces.

This immersive experience brought to light the business side of entertainment where Abike would go on to work on many more sets and discover how investors, producers, directors, actors, real estate construction teams all work together through systems and processes to get an idea from script to screen. Some of these projects would range from thousands to multi-million dollar budgets.

Abike discovered her enjoyment and purpose for overseeing projects, initiating ideas and collaborating with teams towards successful outcomes with an emphasis on performance excellence. Which would later be the building blocks to establishing Abi-LinMax Asset Management.

A Call for Entreprenuership Ignites

It was this revelation that ignited a fire within Abike, steering her away from the spotlight and towards her true calling – a business that will one day inspire others to go after their BBAG – Big Beautiful Audacious Goal and to elevate beyond the corporate norm.

In the dynamic world of film, Abike learned invaluable business skills, transcending isolated corporate positions and departmental boundaries. Her journey equipped her with the insight to navigate from the initial concept to development, marketing, budgeting, synchronization, and beyond.

It was the realization of her profound enjoyment of the business side of entertainment that sowed the seeds for Abi-LinMax’s future.

Abi-LinMax’s Vision: Nurturing Success

At the heart of Abi-LinMax’s vision is the aspiration to build a “Crown Jewel” real estate investment and asset management firm that shines with excellence.

Beyond this, our vision extends to establishing and training potential individuals across the nation to become CEOs and leaders trained in the real estate profession the Abi-LinMax way.

Our CEO selections transcend the conventional. These individuals will come from all walks of life, stemming from places and communities where they were told no, shut out and off from opportunities. Abi-LinMax offers these individuals the gateway to becoming small business owners and CEOs who will not only realize their own dreams, but also uplift others in their journey to success.

Guided by our visionary founder Abike, along with exceptional experts in the industry, each individual will be meticulously handpicked based on the qualifying factors as follows: Diversity in age, economic backgrounds, and circumstances. All share a common thread – qualities to be a leader and CEO, an unwavering commitment and an innate ability in the world to be good and do good, a heart and true desire to make a positive impact in the real estate industry.

In every facet of our journey, Abi-LinMax Asset Management is committed to excellence, innovation, and professionalism. We don’t just invest in and manage assets; we cultivate dreams, transform lives, and pioneer a legacy of success that goes beyond buildings – a legacy that starts with prosperity for posterities. Together, we build the future, one visionary step at a time.

Beyond buildings...

I knew I had a voice. Therefore,
Abike Speaks Abi-LinMax

creative, unique, and interesting.

The founder of Abi-LinMax Asset Management does not compete with fellows and fellow-etts in this industry.  She created and established the organization to be excellent at what it is designed and called by The Grantor of Life to do and become. May her gift of communications touch hearts that desire more, her unique ideas inspire great minds to invest, and her interesting ways of doing business lead to prosperity for prosperity. 

Abi-LinMax Asset Management is a Crown Jewel real estate investment and asset management firm. Our PADIC Crown is adorned with five exquisite gems that make up our company’s DNA. These gems define our unwavering commitment to delivering excellent services and adhering to ethical conduct. 

With professionalism as our foundation, we ensure that we embody the highest level of service, backed by our industry partner’s knowledge, wisdom, and experience, guiding the Abi-LinMax enterprise. Our accountability shines through as we take full responsibility for our actions and decisions, always holding ourselves to the highest standards. With unwavering determination, we strive to achieve optimal results in our business affairs. We pride ourselves in partnering with experts that assist with deep insights into the market landscape, enabling us to proceed with strategic guidance and make informed decisions. Our creativity sparkles in our innovative solutions and decision-making processes, tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges of our firm. At Abi-LinMax Asset Management, we are dedicated to a journey that leads to a prosperous successful future, a future that instills prosperity for posterities. 

Elevating People, Purpose, Properties, & Profits — Maximizing and adding value to the whole return on investment

A letter from our Founder & CEO...

To project managers, property managers, real estate visionaries and facilitators, etc.

If no one said thank you for all you do to help companies and individuals achieve their dreams. Thank you!  You know why I say thank you? I say it one, because I mean it. I say it two, because you need to hear it outside of your everyday circle of co-workers and socialites.

Not too long ago, as I walked down the street, I saw a construction team remodeling an old historic building into a fancy upscale luxury housing complex in Hyde Park, Illinois. Previously, I walked by several times and never said anything, but always took notice of the building and its progress. For some reason, on this day I felt the need to stop and tell the men thank you. 

I knew that many people traveled that way daily going about their busy lives. We all look on and say woo, that’s nice! But we rarely say thank you for being great at what you do. Thank you for providing for the needs of people who will soon move into this place. A bridge to cross over, preparing them for the next phase of their life. 

Thank you for discovering and utilizing your gifts and talents, using them to do productive work in the earth.

Post scriptum, but never after.
If there was no Maxine, there would be no Linda, no (me) Abike. Therefore, no Abi LinMax Asset Management. I love you dearly grandmother and mother. I thank the both of you for this journey called life experience.


Abi-LinMax, Founder & CEO

Dream Big Baby – BBAG – Big Beautiful Audacious Goal

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