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The Abi-LinMax Asset Management Difference

Abi-LinMax Asset Management is committed to success. With a background in onsite property management, leasing consultancy and years of experience in customer service, Abi-LinMax is equipped with insight to balance the vision and mission of The Abi-LinMax enterprise. With an unwavering dedication, we invest in multifamily and offices buildings, and take care to provide creative property management services to each asset, unlocking its full potential.


Invest in Small to Mid-Sized Commercial Real Esate

Office Buildings

Abi-LinMax Asset Management still believes in the power of small businesses and the national economy, and although technology has provided opportunities for remote work, we know and feel that there is nothing like having a professional business office to transact your dream business from, work with a team of united professionals and to know that your company assets are secured and protected. 

Multifamily Housing

Our unwavering commitment to multifamily housing is essential to the lively hood of working individuals in America. Knowing that people have different preferences concerning housing. Our job is to provide the best housing possible no matter what route a family, unit, or individual chooses to take.

 Whether you desire to own a home in the near future or you find it more economical to lease, Abi-LinMax is the bridge you cross over to prepare for your BBAG – Big Beautiful Audacious Goal (the dream life you really want). We provide you with affordable apartment homes so you can prepare for the rest of your future.


Asset & Risk Management

Both comprehensive and customized management solutions  are carefully curated to fit each unique investment, ensuring our real estate investments thrive. 

With a dedicated team committed to risk management and legal compliance, Abi-LinMax safeguards its investment interests. The team’s personalized approach, transparent communication, and intricate understanding of what make owners and tenants tick, allows us to be creative and balance our investment portfolio to achieve our financial goals. We are dedicated to the overall fiduciary responsibilities that underlie real estate investing and property management. Abi-LinMax is bold, creative and determined to empower its business priorities towards prosperity for posterities.

Tenant Placement Services

Abi-LinMax Asset Management provides seamless and efficient tenant placement services, ensuring the right tenants for into our properties. Our expert tenant screening, personalized marketing, and proactive lease renewals guarantee minimal vacancy periods and maximize investment potential.

With transparent communication, an application and screening process that ensure the best tenants have access to our properties, Abi-LinMax elevates our investment journey, providing peace of mind as our properties are managed by trusted and respected professionals. 

The Marketing Advantage

As a dedicated property management agent, Abi-LinMax Asset Management is committed to delivering exceptional results and excellent service.

Our marketing strategy is built on a foundation of creativity, market insight and industry compliance. Abi-LinMax partners with the best marketing professionals so that our investments become a pathway to financial success, while we handle the complexities of property management with the utmost professionalism and care.

We serve to elevate each property’s performance to create a rewarding investment journey.

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Abike’s expertise lies in communications. She has an innate ability to convey meaning in creative, interesting, and unique ways throughout the investment and management life cycle. Along with her team and professional network of council, she is able to transact the vision and mission of The Abi-LinMax Enterprise through articulate and sound planning, execution, and creative ability in decision-making management processes, therefore maximizing and adding value to the whole return on investment – 

People, Projects, Properties, & Profits

Dream Big baby – BBAG – Big Beautiful Audacious Goal

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